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The technology we use 

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Who is Pricer?

The technology we use for our labels is made by an external company called Pricer. Pricer has delivered a constant stream of innovative technologies, products and solutions to the retail market for three decades. Pricer’s core offering has been built around ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) technology using a unique and highly advanced optical wireless network system.




The system is based on the near-infrared spectrum operating far above the highly congested frequency bands used for radio-based wireless or Wi-Fi equipment. Infrared technology tends to be used in critical applications such as aircraft, hospitals, advanced manufacturing and massively scalable system requirements where low power utilization, high reliability, massive scalability and interference-free communication is required.



ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) technology, advanced optical wireless technology, instant flash and close collaboration with E-Ink for clarity of display, is part of a sophisticated architecture that encompasses hardware and software, cloud based systems, Artificial Intelligence and image recognition. It also delivers the foundational functionality to support a wide range of use cases and solutions.


The cloud

Cloud-based applications through its Pricer Plaza platform, that offers multiple business models, for example SaaS (Software as a Service) which has seen huge adoption across the retail market in recent years. This enables a wide range of ecosystem partners to be smoothly integrated to allow the core ESL based in-store system to deliver different use cases. It also enables the retailer to take advantage of live up to date information for more informed, dynamic and predictive decision making.


NFC support 

Pricer supports cloud active NFC support which combines advanced NFC communication with easy to deploy and manage, URL based linking. This provides for a flexible, scalable and secure system enabling advanced customer engagement systems such as product information and shelf payment solutions.

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